Agarwal Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Specialty Chemicals manufacturing company.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Quality Iron Supplements namely, FERROUS FUMARATE and FERROUS SULPHATE in the region.

Our 30 years manufacturing experience give us the edge for Quality and Pricing over others. We have the expertise to achieve the most stringent Quality standards and to customize the product as per customer requirements in our state-of-the-art GMP facility along with highly experienced and trained manpower.

Why Agarwal Life Sciences?

We are focused to deliver the “Value” to our customers in terms of quality, economics and deliveries.

In the current market scenario, the parameters of Quality and Service are becoming ever more stringent and time bound.

We are now ready and equipped with trained manpower and facilities to provide:

Focussed Research And Development

We have well equipped laboratories and pilot plant facilities to test our innovations and have a separate facility for the synthesis of organic compounds.

Custom Synthesis

Our team has gained considerable experience in handling complex molecules through conventional and innovative multi-step synthesis, becoming an important partner for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Our R&D works closely with our direct customers using our specialized skill set to ensure that new product development remains focused on the customer’s current and future needs. This applied research is further supported by strong technical support services.

We provide custom synthesis of existing and novel compounds and scale up processes for research and reagent chemicals as well as rare active ingredients. Our unique expertise in research and application development in the field of organic synthesis gives us the ability to handle complex and multi-step chemical synthesis schemes.

We have leveraged the above to develop and successfully commercialize products for our customers in pharmaceutical sector for our International customers.

It is ensured that our research, our processes and our industry respect the environment.

Global Presence


Over the years we have established a strong domestic and global positioning in the operating product categories. Our aggressive approach has placed us to sell these products in almost 39 countries to the best of the customers bestowing their trust on us time and again.

We can deliver the product to your door-step at short notices with our network of existing warehousing and clearing agents and upcoming warehousing facility in different locations like Middle East (Dubai) Europe (UK/Antwerp) and America.